Why Filling Your Gas Tank in the Winter is a Good Idea, from your Friends at Taggart Cars!

If you are looking for ways to decrease wear and tear on your beloved vehicle this winter season, you should certainly consider keeping your gas tank topped off. Our service technicians here at Taggart Cars all do agree that this simple tip can save you hundreds of dollars in vehicle repairs this winter.

We have all seen that condensation building up on car windows during the winter. The same thing happens inside of your gas tank when air is allowed to enter inside. When a gas tank is not filled up all the way, the air left inside the tank can be warmer than the air outside. This causes condensation to take place inside your gas tank, putting you at risk of water buildup in your fuel lines that occurs as a result of this condensation.

While water alone is never supposed to be inside your fuel tank or lines, it becomes way more of an issue when this water has the potential to freeze during the cold winter weather that happens every year! The damage can then become far more serious, as frozen fuel lines equals a car that cannot start. Don't let your fuel system get damaged this winter, and come on down to Taggart Cars for more information on how to keep your car safe from winter elements.

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