Choosing a Car Battery & Replacement

You should get a new car battery every five years if you are buying the best battery for the fitment of your vehicle. Car batteries die for all kinds of reasons, but you can prevent a car battery failure by getting a check every year. If you live in areas with extremely cold weather, you may deal with car batteries dying more often due to the loss of charge and electrons because of extreme temperatures.

Picking a new car battery depends on the make and model of your vehicle. You also want to make sure that you pick a high battery-life, cold-cranking amperage, and voltage. If you find that your car needs a lot of power, then a higher-quality battery is best. As your car battery starts to die, you may notice your car is slow to start or has flickering lights when you pick the key in the ignition.

If you need help picking out a battery and getting it replaced, talk to the professionals at Taggart Cars located in Cary, NC.
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