Get to Know Your Brake Fluid

The lifeline of your car that helps keep you from being in an auto accident is the brakes. What a lot of drivers don’t realize is that there are many moving parts within the brake system of a vehicle, with one important piece being the brake fluid.

The brake fluid operates within the brake lines of your vehicle, performing as the signal runner from your brake pedal in your car to the brake pads on all four tires of your vehicle. As the brake fluid runs in very high temperature and pressure over time, it can break down, leading to your vehicle requiring a longer time to stop or, in a worst-case scenario, complete failure of the braking system.

For a simple brake line fluid check, the next time you are in Cary, stop by Taggart Cars for a check by our technicians. If an issue is found, you can be scheduled for a simple brake fluid change in no time.

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