Dimming Headlights Is Not A Permanent Condition

If your car, truck, or SUV is beginning to age, then chances are that your have noticed your headlights begin to dim. This happens for many different reasons, so naturally there are many different cures to this ailment.

The most common reason that your headlights would dim is when the lenses on the plastic housings get fogged over due to age and sun damage. This can be fixed with different polishing compounds that are sold for this very specific purpose. The best remedy to this problem is really to just change them out completely.

Your bulbs are another area that can cause dimming. Over time your bulbs will wear out and dim before they burn out completely. If you are changing out the housings then it is the perfect time to install some new high intensity LED bulbs.

If your vehicle needs to have work done on its headlights then bring it into our service department here at Taggart Cars in Cary, NC.
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