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  • Jim Taggart

    About Jim Taggart
    Born: Pittsburgh, PA, Hometown: Lima, OH
    Currently resides in Raleigh, NC
    Successful Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur
    Wife: Regina
    Kids: Jack (22), Monica (20)
    Race cars: Porsche 911 GT3 R, Lotus Evora, (2) 2011 Lotus Exiges, '09 Porsche GT3 Cup, '99 Spec Miata

    Driven to Compete:
    District 12 AMA 125cc Motocross Champion
    Ski instructor, slalom racer and snowboarder
    Ohio State Intramural Golf Champion

    On the track since 2010:
    Third place championship, Ariel Atom series, Spec Race Atom, 2011
    Multiple National Wins in STU Lotus in 2012
    Hold track records at: VIR, Sebring, Road Atlanta, PBIR and Barber Motorsports
    Won Sunoco Hard Charger award (22nd to 6th) at 2012 SCCA National Championships at Road America
    2012 SCCA NC Performance Driver of the Year
    2012 SCCA National Rookie of the Year
    2013 Pirelli World Challenge Rookie of the Year

    A true entrepreneur at heart, Jim worked for several successful startup companies after graduating from Ohio State University.  He used these successes to start his own company, Physicians Pharmacy Alliance in 2002.  Having grown PPA to over $100 million in revenue, he decided to take on another challenge-sports car racing.  

    Jim started racing in 2010 by attending Skip Barber's three-day racing school. From there, he finished third in the Spec Atom Series at VIR, with coaching by Tom Long. He also raced Spec Miatas in 2011 before buying a Lotus Exige for STU national SCCA racing.  In 2012, he traveled the country, breaking track records and earning the SCCA Rookie of the Year award.  

    In 2013, Taggart made his pro racing debut in Pirelli World Challenge with his own team, Taggart Autosport, finishing a season best sixth at Detroit, fielding competitive cars and earning the 2013 Rookie of the Year award.  Moving up a class to Pirelli World Challenge GT in 2014, Jim raced a Porsche GT3R to success in the series and competed with Randy Pobst in the coveted Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.  

    Along with occasional racing commitment, Jim spends most of his time at Taggart Cars enjoying his all-time favorite hobby, fast cars.  

  • Eric Arms

    I was born and raised in my hometown of Lapeer, Michigan. As I was growing up and through my teens, go carts and ATVs were my life. I was taught by my father to take pride in everything you do and everything you have. I also learned how to build crazy go carts. He would teach me how to weld and use the machines in the shop to make almost anything. We had to use lathes to make custom hubs for the wheels. We would rebuild twin cylinder 2 stroke engines for the carts and take suspension components from drawings on paper to machines that could go anywhere. We had a lot of fun learning and building things together. This is where my work ethic and ability to take what people can dream and turn ideas into reality came from. It is something we did every summer in our garage.

    Taggart Cars started this way, in a garage. Here is the story of how we landed a beautiful twenty thousand square foot dealership with everything from Jeeps to McLarens. Jim and I were both very involved in racing, this is where we met. But before this, my career in racing started over ten years ago. Where else but… Indianapolis, the racing capital of the world. I was hired and learned the processes of building success in every aspect of racing. The crew, the team, the cars, the management. We had no guidelines as long as the path lead to excellence. Success didn't always mean winning races. We knew that would come later. We started having successful weeks at the shop that would go according to plan. Successful procedures were being followed, and predicting failures was even a success. We took these new-found strategies to streets and racetracks all over the country, running races in Grand-Am, World Challenge, IMSA, and SCCA. This experience had me working right beside the smartest people in the racing business. 

    All that time, my mind was a sponge, soaking up knowledge. I began asking the right questions to put me further in the spotlight. I found myself pushing our World Challenge team to a Championship season. At that time the wins were not felt as success, the success was everything was coming together, nothing was forgotten, nothing out of place, all checks marked on the checklists, equipment was serviced on schedule, and we no longer went to the race track to see how well we could do… we went to the track to meet our goal. More and more our goal was to be the fastest, be the best at everything. Our team received many awards those years, not just for championship points. I learned how to build teams, friendships, and bonds that are still going strong. I learned far more about the mechanical attributes of a racecar, the science behind speed, and how viewing every component in high detail is crucial to the platform. Because of all this I began to see things in a different resolution. A few key individuals began to notice this, and I was offered the next big step in my career.

    I accepted a position on a factory racing team, which brought me to the Carolinas. I have never been one to be scared of a lot of work, but this was a lot of work. Despite long hours and extended time traveling from track to track, I still was able to keep a positive outlook. We used and modified systems that I knew could make the team even more successful. It seems like forever ago, but we dialed up to 11 and made the second most winning team in Grand-Am history. I continued my career of learning, and with new-found goals on the horizon, something strange was happening. I no longer second-guessed our capabilities. We didn't go to the track to race, we went to win. This wasn't a cocky attitude, it was just how we functioned, oriented for success and striving for perfection.

    Once again, this did not go unnoticed. Jim had his sights set on a World Challenge GT team. This is where we first really crossed paths. I refused to settle for anything less than the hardest effort building up to something exceptional. At this junction I didn't believe Jim would have accepted any less. We had a great first start to the season. Showing up to the St. Petersburg Grand Prix with a fresh livery on the Porsche GT3R. There we were, our car was ready, our team was ready, and our driver was ready. It just wasn't our day. A big crash during the race sent us home lacking the achievement we had set out for. The next time the car appeared on the track, we were even more prepared to achieve the goal. Our car dialed in, our driver dialed in, and our crew dialed in. We did nothing short of delivering. We stood on the podium that day. It's hard to believe what you can make happen when you push everything-limits, time, and technology. We had a vision of a business that set a new automotive standard. This dream had been building up inside. Not knowing exactly what to make with the idea, we purchased our first project, and Jim and I built the first Rally Fighter in his garage. 

    This led to more ideas. We decided to do something bigger with our passions and talents. Thus, Taggart Cars was born. If there is a way to make something perform better, whether it's a part or a procedure, I want it done so we can use it to reach our goals. Power, performance, and perfection have been brewing in me for some time, and I'm proud to use this as our goal. I apply it to everything we do in our dealership and share it with our clients. 

  • Sean Sullivan

    My name is Sean Sullivan. I moved to Cary to work with Taggart Cars in August 2017. I was previously employed as an 8-year BMW/MINI Master Technician in Virginia Beach, where I was ranked in the Top 20 of MINI Technicians in the Nation for 6 years consecutively. I attended NASCAR Technical Institute and graduated in early 2009 specializing in Ford FACT and NASCAR Engine Technology. After that, I was given the opportunity to attend the scholarship-only 7-month BMW S.T.E.P. program in Orlando, where I graduated in late 2009. Prior to my education, I always tinkered with cars and worked with my grandfather to restore our 1949 Ford F1. I love working on MINIs and performing modifications to make them faster, as well as working with customers to keep their vehicles running soundly. To quote one of my favorite movies, "I just wanna go fast!"-Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights.

  • Jeffery Mueller

    "A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."-Mahatma Gandhi

    I was born in Cincinnati and raised in southern Florida, where I first started to become immersed in the automotive industry and discovered my love for cars. I moved to Raleigh with my wife and children.  After years of being an entrepreneur and being in businesses centered around customer service. I eventually shifted career paths and began a job with Hendrick Automotive Group in Chapel Hill in 2011.

    I was a Finance Manager with Hendrick Automotive Group, and I was later promoted to Sales and Finance Manager. I stayed there for three and a half years, ensuring customer satisfaction and the quality of service only my team and I could provide. 

    After leaving that position, I joined the Taggart team. I am currently the General Manager of Taggart Cars. Since joining Taggart, I have obtained an AFIP Certification and have been able to utilize my passion for sales and account management. My top priority is customer service. I enjoy the creativity and willingness to change that this business provides. Taggart has allowed me to focus on my customers and provide them with the level of service they hope for. Our service department is able to turn imagination into reality, and our sales representatives are some of the best, most caring individuals I have ever had the privilege to train.  

  • Zaimaris Luna

    I was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico where I lived until I was around 2 years old. I vividly remember my parents telling me stories of when my Dad would go to car shows and take me with him. After moving to Florida, my dad's love for cars never stopped and mine continued to grow as he took me to many car shows and races. Growing up in that atmosphere caused me to have a passion for working in the car world. After graduating high school, I married my husband and moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina where I began my automotive career while working for Capital Ford in Raleigh. After working at Ford as a service advisor for several years, I received an amazing opportunity to work with Taggart as a service advisor. I feel empowered every day to prove my work ethic all while doing what I love, working with and learning more about cars. When I began my journey with Taggart, we were a small shop that worked on race cars and exotics and I am so thrilled to say we continue to evolve in every way. After working alongside master technicians and engineers, I am gaining more knowledge and my love for cars continues to flourish! I feel extremely honored to be with Taggart today and am looking forward to a bright future as I continue to grow and build my success as well as the success of the Taggart name.

  • Cody Jones

    I have had a love for cars for as long as I can remember. I started working on cars with my dad when I was young and continued working on them as a hobby as a young adult. Over the past several years I have turned my favorite pastime into a career, and I continue to expand my skills.  My respect for cars and passion for making unique improvements on vehicles has brought me to Taggart, where I truly enjoy my career.

  • Jonathan Intemann

    I'm originally from Raleigh, and I graduated from UNCW in 2012 with a degree in Business. Shortly thereafter, I was accepted into the International Master's Program at the University of Valencia in Spain. After careful consideration, I decided to put off continuing my education and take an entrepreneurial route. So I started a highline/luxury car dealership in Wilmington.  

    Three years later, recruited by Mr. Taggart, I relocated back home to the Raleigh/Cary area and helped create the Finance department for Taggart Autosport.  Now living in downtown Raleigh, I enjoy running, Fortnite, and the Carolina Panthers.  My favorite make of car is McLaren.

  • Craig Hill

    I was born in Englewood, New Jersey and later moved to Knightdale, North Carolina. My passion for cars and detailing started while working with my dad when I was five years old. Detailing with my dad also led me to start my career at Spiffy Inc. during the summer of 2013. I have been employed with Taggart Cars for a year now and have been enjoying the diversity and range cars that I get to put my shine on. Since working at Taggart Cars, I have had my first baby boy and plan to teach him everything I know.

  • Yaseen Gabr

    I was born in Patterson, New Jersey and lived there for roughly four years of my life. My cousins were all 10 years older than me so their love for cars had already begun and started to quickly spread to me. I remember traveling back to New Jersey to visit family as a kid. My cousins took me to a dealership where there were several high-end exotic cars. I distinctly remember seeing a Mercedes SLS AMG and getting to sit in it. My love for cars from that point evolved into what it is now. Working at Taggart Cars has given me the opportunity to live out my love for the automotive industry, and it has helped me give others the same opportunities!

  • Ryan Davies

    I was born in London, Ontario, Canada and raised in Cary, North Carolina. I attended NASCAR Technical institute in Mooresville, North Carolina in 2008, and I completed my degree with a 4.0 GPA. Upon finishing my program, I was accepted into the BMW STEP program, which is a 40 hour a week BMW training program based in Orlando, Florida. At then end of 2009 I completed this program and immediately got a job with BMW as a level 1 technician in Chapel Hill. I continued working with Performance BMW until October 2016, when I accepted a job with Taggart Cars as their Master Mechanic.